1 history of koshti samaj maharashtra

History of koshti samaj maharashta , koshti samaj Every business is having caste is a part of Indian culture.  Indian weaving history is too old and in that business women of koshti samaj are equally involved Thread cutting is the work of women and cloth weaving is the work of men in koshti samaj chaundeshwari chamundeshwari Jivheshwar ganpati are the aaradhya daivat


2  koshti samaj maharashtra

in maharashtra mainly devang koshti samaj lad koshti samaj gaddhewal koshti samaj deshkar koshti samaj salewar koshti samaj swakul sali samaj sutsali samaj padmashali koshti samaj are the near about fifteen subcasts of koshti


3  koshti koshta meaning

koshti koshta means kosa or kosh silk or cotton cloth maker is called as koshti they make different types of clothes with different things and in that way they got the names for their casts


4  sali koshti samaj

sali koshti samaj is used to make cloth from tree trunk or skin hence they got the name of sali koshti


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