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People come to koshti divorcee matrimony with reasons like not giving time to life partner. Nowadays youngsters are using social media in large amount by which they get their old school friends old college friends ex girl friends ex boy friends on social media and their continuous chatting and phone calling with these people gets attracted towards them by which the relation between life partners gets effected. Big age difference between both koshti life-partners, or large age gap that gets effected the mental and physical activities in between them.


Divorcee people come to koshti divorcee matrimony with reasons like less earning by which the daily needs of both life-partners gets effected and the relation between them spoils.  nowadays every people want modern lifestyle high living standards but because of less earning their desires cannot be fulfilled so this plays also a main role in divorce and remarriage




come to koshti divorcee matrimony with reasons like doing marriage under pressure of parents.  Interference of bride's parents in bride's home.  If any groom is physically unfit but to hide this physical problem from community marriages take place under pressure of parents and community and after some months the truth behind this comes in front of bride and because of this divorce takes place.